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Cheap NFL Jerseys Online.The alleged spying on the Rams will be argued forever with no resolution. Philadelphia? C’mon. The only thing the Pats would have found on videotape is that Donovan McNabb would shrink in the spotlight. And as for the Seahawks and Falcons: So what? Sure, the Seahawks never should have thrown that ball and New England should have lost. And Matt Ryan should have thrown that ball away. But you can play that game forever. Maybe the Pats should be 7-0! After all, the Giants got lucky with the Tyree catch in Super Bowl XLII (the 18-1 game) and the Manningham catch in Super Bowl XLVI. Or maybe we should ponder the alternate reality that could have started with a loss in the Tuck Rule game and led to New England being just another team that lost in the playoffs most years.China Jerseys.It’s not all bad news for the Falcons, though.It’s all nonsense. Don’t buy into any of it. Like most statistics, win probability is a fine tool to give fans a general idea of a game’s situation (or, in terms of other stats, a player’s value, a team’s strength or whatever the specific number is supposed to tell). But WP should never be taken literally because sports aren’t played on calculators and win probability doesn’t account for the countless human factors involved in a comeback.Football Jerseys Cheap.

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