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Philadelphia’s soda tax is already bringing far less revenues than expected. And Chicago’s new sugary soda tax imposed just this month has already generated plenty of confusion and anger.Cheap China Jerseys.Now, the easy way out of this conversation for conservatives like me is to simply call for the elimination of this and other taxes, then ride away on my ideological high horse.But let’s get real. Democratic Party strongholds like Philly and Chi-Town are never going to eliminate these taxes. Or if they do, they’ll just replace them with another regressive tax that harms the poor and small businesses the most. Instead of yet another hopeless plea to these cities to get over their tax addictions, it’s time for a more realistic plan.Custom Jerseys.So here it is: I propose the cities of Chicago and Philadelphia can their soda taxes and replace them with hefty taxes on incomplete passes, turnovers, and losses for the Bears and Eagles, respectively.

Former Prattville High School standout Justin Thomas didn’t have much time to impress the Pittsburgh Steelers.Throwback Jerseys.And maybe he shouldn’t have had much hope either. Thomas was with his third NFL team of the offseason as an undrafted rookie playing a different position than he did in college.But on Sunday, the Steelers announced they’d signed Thomas for their practice squad.Each NFL team can carry 10 players on its practice squad. Players on the practice squad can practice with the team, but they can’t play in games. Only the 46 players on the 53-player active roster who are designated as game-day actives can participate in regular-season games.China Jerseys.Thomas was one of 11 players with Alabama football roots signed for NFL practice squads on Sunday. All of them re-signed with teams that had waived them on Saturday.

Cheap NFL Jerseys.Even if the NFL opts to move the game to a neutral location this weekend, the Dolphins will still be screwed. They’re already sacrificing one of their home games to host the Saints in London in October, so they’re now looking at the possibility of losing two home games this season.Obviously, all of this is secondary to the fact that a hurricane is heading for Florida. That’s why the NFL’s decision to cancel the game in Miami on Sunday is a no-brainer. They really didn’t have another option. At this point, only bad options exist. And with Sunday just five days away, they’ll need to pick the next best bad option in a hurry.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.

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