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The Cleveland Browns currently hold two first-round picks and three second-round picks in the 2018 NFL Draft.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.If they want to go after one of the top quarterbacks in next year’s draft — possibly Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen — the Browns can. However, the Browns just spent a second-round pick on former Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer. If the front office believes he can be a franchise quarterback by year’s end, picking a quarterback high next offseason won’t be a necessity.The talent Cleveland has put around Kizer is so bad that it’s going to be incredibly difficult to truly evaluate him.Wholesale Jerseys.Questionable game plans concocted by head coach Hue Jackson aren’t helping either. Cleveland’s Week 3 loss to the Indianapolis Colts should leave no doubt about this.

The Dallas Cowboys prevailed and secured a 28-17 triumphant win over the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football.Cheap Jerseys.However, America’s Team made perhaps its most profound move of the night when Cowboys players, coaches, and staff members alike (including owner Jerry Jones) linked arms and knelt down on the field before the performance of the national anthem.The team then stood up with arms still linked and remained standing during the performance, a move that many people might argue defeats the purpose of the movement as it does not protest the anthem.Yet, it was a move that redirects our focus to the real cause: drawing attention to and creating a constructive dialogue on racial injustice and police brutality.Jerseys For Sale. Furthermore, it reminds us that although we may not all have the same views on matters such as these, as U.S. citizens w have the Constitutional rights to have those different opinions and to express them freely.

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Cheap NFL Jerseys China.This team has so far lived up to the hype from the off-season. The offense has looked superb thus far. With multiple weapons at Derek Carr’s disposal there’s no reason that this offense won’t finish at least top-3 overall. Marshawn Lynch has shown that he still has it by trucking defenders as much as Khalil Mack does with offensive lineman.Speaking of the defense, they have actually looked very solid. The defensive line is a monstrosity that opposing lineman want nothing to do with. That is likely what the Redskins offensive line and Kirk Cousins are thinking leading up to Sunday night’s matchup.Cheap China Jerseys.This game should be a fairly entertaining one. It’s been a long time since the Raiders have been on Sunday Night Football this early in the season.

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