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But midnight green, the color that’s defined the Eagles since 1996, when Jeffrey Lurie campaigned for the team “to look less like the Jets,” has been markedly more divisive, not only as a matter of fan preference but as a look of consistency — or lack hockey jerseys.The difference between Kelly green and midnight green has never been the problem. Kelly, with its “intense pure green” reminiscent of Irish landscapes, is vastly brighter (as illustriously evidenced in the Eagles’ 2010 Opening Day throwbacks), whereas the midnight green is darker with hints of cyan (a greenish-blue spectrum).That was never more apparent than when the team officially embraced Nike’s uniforms in 2014. Reebok stopped outfitting teams in 2012, but the Eagles didn’t fully transition into Nike’s Elite 51 product until 2014, when they infamously had to open the year without their home jerseys, which required “extra time” to produce because of their custom color.wholesale nfl jerseys.And when those midnight green unis finally debuted, they looked different. In came the Flywire collars, which were promptly ditched three years later, and in came a slightly different shade of green — or at least what appeared to be one considering the way it reflected off the tighter, shinier Elite 51 jerseys.

The fact that the Jaguars will be getting new uniforms this year is somewhat of a surprise, but only because they’ve had their current uniform for only five years. wholesale jerseys.The Jaguars’ current look was unveiled back in April 2013. There’s been speculation all season that the Jaguars would be making a change this year, but the team didn’t officially announce it until Monday. The Jaguars have always had one of those uniforms that people either seem to love or hate, and their helmet was no exception. For the past five seasons, the Jags have been wearing a two-toned helmet — that I personally love — but a lot people seem to dislike. Although we don’t know any specific details on the new uniforms, Mark Long of the Associated Press says the helmet will likely be all black. cheap jerseys.We can probably also assume that there’s going to be a lot of teal involved because that was a big color for the Jaguars in 2017. After going three seasons without wearing teal, the Jags wore the color for two games in 2017, against the Bengals and Seahawks. The Jags also sold teal burgers and teal beer at their playoff game, so someone in Jacksonville clearly loves teal.

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